As a collaborative, user organized unconference, ProductCamp DFW relies on volunteers for planning and running all of our events. Whether you like being behind the scenes or out in front, there are plenty of ways you can help ProductCamp Ottawa to be a successful experience.

Please use the contact form below or answer YES (to the willing to help question) when registering for the event.

Market Communications

  • Social media experts
  • Web developers
  • Media and PR experts

Project Managers

  • To help coordinate the whole camp

Event Planners

  • To help plan and organise the event, liaise with keynote speakers and session leaders

Event Day Volunteer

  • We need volunteers to help on site at the event with:
  • Registration
  • Setup / Teardown
  • Session Note Taking
  • Session Time Keeping
  • Video a Session
  • Onsite Technical Support / Expert
  • Session Voting / Posting Sessions
  • General Activities (whatever comes up that day!)

Most of these activities will take no more than an hour of your time the day of the event and it is likely you won’t even miss a session.

Want to Volunteer?

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