The intention of the Ottawa Product Management Association (OPMA) is to provide free members events & services, however some infrastructure such as our web site and special events may require funding.

Benefits of Sponsorship

There are a number of key benefits in becoming an OPMA sponsor:

  • Leadership positioning in Ottawa’s Business Community
  • Connect with Ottawa’s leading companies & key decision makers
  • Access to top local Product Management talent

Sponsorship Packages

OPMA has several sponsorship package options available, designed to suit a variety of budgets and objectives.  Your company can sponsor the organization, sponsor an event, or sponsor an individual item.
Packages start from as little as $250 for Friends of OPMA package, and up to $2,500 for a Platinum level package.

Reaching the OPMA Community

OPMA has many ways to help your company get its message out to YOUR target audience;

Social Media

OPMA is extremely active in the social media scene with a LinkedIn group membership of over 850 and growing at a rate of 1.5 new members per day.  OPMA also has twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts.

http://www.OttawaPMA.org is the definitive source for all announcements as well as OPMA’s Educational Repository.

Members Meetings

The focal point of OPMA is its monthly members meetings.  So far over 2,200 members have attended with average of  35 to 60 members per meeting.  Members gather to learn from industry experts, as well as network with Product Management peers.

ProductCamp Ottawa

OPMA is excited to announce ProductCamp Ottawa.  Scheduled for the fall,  this event will attract over 100 attendees to listen to key note speakers and network. The ProductCamp events are gaining global traction with Camps being hosted in over 35 cities, including Toronto,  Vancouver, Austin, Boston and…now Ottawa.

Becoming a OPMA Sponsor

Simply use the form below to register your interest and to arrange for an OPMA representative to call.

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