2015 Sessions

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The following is a list of sessions presented at ProductCamp Ottawa 2015.

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Session Leader
Title and Link to File (if available)
Andrew Faulkner OPMA Introduction
Sacha Gera Evolving to “Outcome as a Service”
Allan Neil Is Agile Killing the Product Manager?
Jonathon Moody PM in a Subscription Economy: Introducing Customer Success
Jana Sedivy Customer Interviews: When to Use Them, How to Do Them
Tim Ragan Great products start with great teams: how to improve your team’s effectiveness.
Trevor Wilkins Navigate Your Clients’ Minds…and Change Them Along the Way!
Jana sedivy Your customers are talking about you
James Mihaychuk The IoT Meets You and Me: How ubiquity is transforming business
Bernard Couchman Great products now what?
Mike van de Water
Networking for Non-Networkers / The Mechanics of Networking
Barbara Snasdell-Taylor Creating Great Products
Colin Moden Enhancement requests – A process for capturing and responding
Dan Berty Beyond the product – Servicing the brand


Synopsis and BIO

GENBAND keynote presentation

Communicating in the Cloud —
Communications/Collaboration as a Service, in an App and API Economy

Sacha Gera, GENBAND VP, Cloud Products, will talk about the challenges of transforming GENBAND’s business from that of a traditional telecoms equipment vendor to a provider of Cloud and NFV services.  Sacha will discuss how GENBAND is leveraging technology assets, balancing investment/revenue between mature and evolving products, testing new pricing strategies, and developing new competencies and skills to deliver against a very different business model targeting App developers, technology start-ups, global enterprises, communications service providers and ecosystem partners.

GENBAND acquired Nortel’s Carrier VoIP and Application Solutions Business (CVAS) in 2010.  The acquisition combined GENBAND’s media, session and security gateways with Nortel’s softswitches, media gateways and application platforms.  GENBAND, a 2015 CNBC Disruptor 50, is a global leader in real time communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers in over 80 countries.

Allan Neil

Career technology Product Manager with 20 years of scars to prove it. Podcaster. Connector.

Is Agile Killing the Product Manager?

What is the role of Product Manager in an agile environment? Has the power and focus shifted TOO MUCH to delivery? Is there risk of the strategic elements of traditional product management getting ignored? Join this lively debate about whether agile is killing the product manager.

Product Management Podcast Round Up

Hi, my name is Allan. I am a podcast addict. Seriously, I listen to 30+ hours per week of podcasts. (Insert get a life joke here). During this presentation I will share some of my favorite Product Management related podcasts (shameless self promotion warning – mine will be one of them) along with a summary of each and hopefully we can then go round the table/group and see what others listen to that helps them in their Product work. Sound like fun?

Jonathon Moody

Jonathon Moody is the Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of Versature. With over 15 years of experience in the technology sector, Jonathon has become a champion of customer success and creating a superior customer-centric user experience. He coaches businesses on how to improve their productivity, efficiency and decrease costs with cloud technologies. Jonathon is a key contributor to Versature’s success and growth from zero to over 7000 subscribers and MSP partners from coast to coast. Recently, he spearheaded the Salesforce certified, Versature 1-1-1 corporate philanthropy initiative whereby the company donates 1% of equity, 1% of time, and 1% of services to charitable endeavors. Jonathon is a sought-after public speaker and regularly delivers talks at industry events on the topics of customer success, customer-centric user experiences and cloud technologies throughout North America

PM in a Subscription Economy: Introducing Customer Success

At Ottawa Product Camp 2014 Jonathon shared his views on the coming subscription economy with attendees. Almost, two years have passed. The subscription economy and it’s recurring revenue model from monthly subscription offerings to software as a service (SaaS) is the talk of the business world. Product managers are in a new age. The old retail adage says that it is 7x more expensive to get a new client than sell to an existing. Customer success is about existing users – these users reflect a subscriptions business’s biggest asset and revenue source. As a PM, your role is no longer bookended by releases or new customer sales. Keeping every user in the wheelhouse of the lifecycle is critical to keeping them as customers. Loosing clients, churn, is no longer just a customer support issue, it falls clearly in the hands of the PM to sculpt a relationship that sells in the first place, satisfies a need and continues to deliver value for years (decades?) to come.

Jana Sedivy

Jana Sedivy is Founder and Principal of Authentic Insight, an award winning consulting practice specializing in Voice of Customer research and strategy for B2B tech companies. She is a recognized expert in Customer Experience research.
She is a people nerd and data nerd.
Over the past 17 years, Jana has lived at the intersection of people and technology. At the famed Xerox PARC, she worked on technology which was a precursor to today’s “internet of things”, and holds 21 technology patents. Since then, she has worked with a wide range of companies, from startups to Fortune 50 companies, helping them improve their customer experience.
Jana’s work is published in peer-reviewed journals in user experience. She is also a regular contributor to UX Booth and Customer Think, podcast guest, and a conference speaker.

Customer Interviews: How and when to do them

Have you ever said stuff like this?
“We built what the customer asked for but they still didn’t buy it”
“We talked to the customer but they just spent the whole hour venting about their problems. We didn’t the information we wanted”
“We did a survey to find out about our customers but no one ever answered it”
“We talk to customers but they don’t tell the truth. They say what they think we want to hear”
I’ve been there too.
Customer interviews are not as simple as showing up and sitting down for a chat. You need to plan, and come armed with the right questions and the right approach.
I will share some battle-scarred lessons that I’ve learned about how to interview customers effectively so that you can do it without incurring the same scars.

Your customers are talking about you. Are you listening?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could (legally) eavesdrop on conversations your customers were having about you?
With social media, you can.
Your customers (and prospects) are already having conversations about you, your industry, and you competitors on social media. Not just on Twitter and Facebook, but also on product forums, and in industry specific communities.
I will share how I use all that data and turn it into insights that you can use to make strategic decisions.

Mike van de Water CA ACA

A Chartered Accountant with more than eighteen years’ experience across four continents drawing on team leadership and IT skills to lead financial and operational process improvements. More than willing to entertain most LinkedIn referrals and network requests – but of course please let me know what we can do to help each other.

Networking Skills

A lively and informative session from a seasoned net-worker. We will discuss What networking is and what it is not, how to prepare, the network event itself, and the all important follow-up.

Bernard Couchman


Great products now what?

An in-depth look at marketing and the drivers behind this whimsical word, what does it mean any ways, why do I need it, the marketing secrets, what is the most important thing about my product, marketing, the marketing mix is it working, are we all marketers, new marketing channels, marketing metrics, the difference between sales and marketing and the art of successful marketers, who is a marketer and why.

James Mihaychuk


The IoT Meets You and Me: How ubiquity is transforming business

The Internet of Everything is transforming technology, business, and the customer experience across a very wide range of industries. This is provoking a wide range of strategic and tactical product management calls and the usual complex decisions for software, hardware, and services. I will speak to some of the main trends in IoT and touch on my recent experience collaborating with one of the world’s largest retailers.

Kevin Fernandes

Kevin Fernandes is a P.Eng and holds a Masters degree in Engineering. As CEO of SRED Solutions, Kevin has over a decade of experience in Engineering, Research & Development, Manufacturing, Management, and Sales. Kevin’s broad range of experience includes working for large multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises, and entrepreneurial firms. With a solid foundation in practical engineering, understanding the challenges with documenting SR & ED, and a skillset for technical writing, Kevin’s focus is to provide top quality service and to maximize your SR & ED refund.

SR&ED – An opportunity to maximize money you can get back for product development and improvement

This presentation will provide an overview of Canada’s SR&ED tax credit program, a program that provides companies with over $4 Billion annually for the development of new or improvement of existing products and processes. These refunds and/or credits can greatly improve the business case or payback on product development, and we will discuss how you can maximize this funding stream for your product development.

Tim Ragan

https://ca.linkedin.com/in/timragan Great products start with great teams: how to improve your team’s effectiveness

Even once your team members understand the overall strategy, you’re not done yet. We are all wired differently, and if you don’t seek to understand your own wiring and the wiring of your team members — and work to apply that knowledge — you and your team will be much less effective in their respective tasks, increasing your chances of failing at your role. We’ll present two easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply tools that you can put to work today to start building your team’s operating effectiveness.

Barbara Snasdell-Taylor

Solopreneur since 1994 with a background in the health care industry. Co-founded Waverley Spirits Limited in 2012. Story to tell about: starting up a business in a different field inside a highly regulated industry, developing a product plan, liaising with other players in the field and adapting when things don’t go as planned.

Lessons Learned in Starting a Craft Distillery in Ontario

Come and hear about the fun and challenges of trying to start a craft distillery. How do you learn about the industry? the distilling process? regulations? product development? partnering with other businesses?

Dan Berty

Dan has 30+ year of experience working in various IT and Group Insurance realms. Having lead Sun Life’s clam and call centre operations, he has also had strategy development as his accountabilities. He lead web based e-claim processing initiatives, $10+M transformational initiatives involving process redesign, imaging & workflow leading to offshoring processing, and a number of large cross industry initiatives. His passion is customer facing operations and problem solving as reflected in his consulting company’s slogan; “Converting strategy into outcomes”. His company has numerous technology firms, health care provider associations, and a federal government department as clients. He is also Executive Director of the Canadian Health Insurance Pooling Corporation.

Beyond the product – Servicing the brand

What happens after the product is launched and then sold? How is the product serviced? Phone, web, email, and other service centre around defining, often without a plan or vision, on the bringing to life of an organization’s brand. While often not considered as part of product design it, service is the 2nd most important of any product. It’s why good products fail and bad products survive and even thrive! Sharing real life experiences, this session will speak to how the service aspect is often left out or not well defined as part of product offerings, yet in the end can define customer satisfaction and if the customer comes back for more and provides positive or negative referrals.

Colin Moden


Enhancement requests – A process for capturing and responding

You get enhancement requests, from customers directly, from customer support, from sales engineers, from marketing….and they want a response. Does the same request always get the same response independent of which team member receives it? Do you know how many times the same thing has been asked for? A look at one local company’s process for providing quick responses and collecting analyzable data.

Project Portfolio process

if you have 3 products in the market and 2 development teams you probably have about 8 proposals on what to do next. 3 to improve the current products at what they already do, 3 to take them to new markets and 2 ideas for new products. Based on work at Cognos, IBM & TITUS I’ll discuss a portfolio management process for managing which ideas are being funded, and who is working on what at the proposal stage. The process also covers answering the key question “if we decide to do this, what are we choosing not to do, and what are we slowing down?”