2014 Sessions

Interested to see what was presented last time?

The following is a list of sessions presented at ProductCamp Ottawa 2014.

Click on the hyper link to access a copy of the presentation;

Session Leader
Title and Link to File (if available)
Lee Carey Is the Product Manager a Hybrid Manager? (Round Table Discussion)
Monique MacKinnon How to Build a Successful Career on REAL Passion
Rahim Kaba How to Ramp Up Quickly as a New PM or PMM in Your Organization
Paul Sarkozy Why Brand Management is Better than Product Management
Ron Gagnier Putting Scenarios to Work in Product Envisioning (Workshop)
Heather MacIntosh How to Justify Your Price: An ROI Case Study
Andrew Armstrong Successful Partnerships: How Do I Avoid the Scars?
Jana Sedivy Customer Interviews: When to Use Them, How to Do Them
Mark Lindsay Are you a COMPLETE Product Manager?
David Large Educational requirements for PdM Professional Certification? (Workshop)
Trevor Wilkins Navigate Your Clients’ Minds…and Change Them Along the Way!
Peter Fillmore SmartFunnel Keynote Story – Deeper Q/A on New Product in New Company (Town Hall)

Please see the document below for the session proposals submitted for ProductCamp Ottawa 2014.