Top 5 Things To Learn At ProductCamp Ottawa

Top 5 Things To Learn At ProductCamp Ottawa

I’m already amazed at the creativity in topics and styles of sessions that are coming in for our ProductCamp Ottawa (and not to mention our great keynote topics & speakers).  Be sure to take a few minutes and check out all the submissions at
With approx. 2 weeks to go, here’s the top 5 things I hope to learn based on the exciting sessions that people have submitted so far :

  1. How & why product managers play such a key role in making Ottawa relevant in high tech and even a discussion on their relevancy in start-ups.
  2. Requirements definition, including a live case study of how to define a better school medical form.
  3. That product managers really do know how to have some fun with a little PowerPoint Karoake!
  4. Why the business case is so important and how to write great ones.
  5. Making stuff people will buy and love to use, from a user design role-playing exercise to a brainstorm on buying drivers.

Don’t forget that on the day of ProductCamp all registered participants get to vote on the final sessions that will be presented, so make sure you register soon, as we’re filling up quickly. Also, please remember that anyone can submit a topic/session and being a speaker doesn’t have to be a fancy presentation, it can be as simple as leading a discussion (more info & ideas can be found on the web site under formats).

To register for ProductCamp Ottawa or to submit your own session, please visit our web site at

I look forward to seeing you on November 2, 2013.

Andrew Stevens
Founder, ProductCamp Ottawa
VP, Operations & Events, Ottawa Product Management Association

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